About Sharone Hakman

Culinary showman Chef Sharone Hakman has an insatiable appetite for adventure and for creating delectable food. His dishes are as versatile and lively as his personality, filling you up in taste and in presentation.

Formerly a financial planner, Sharone left the corporate world to follow his true love for food by pursuing a career as a chef. His standout performance on Fox’s hit show Master Chef ignited a new vision for his aspirations in the culinary world. In 2011 Sharone took the big leap and decided to start his own food company, with the intent of providing high quality, clean ingredient sauces and foods to the world.

Sharone began with his signature sauce, the one that Gordon Ramsay called the best he'd ever had, the one that delighted Marines at Camp Pendleton: the Chipotle Bourbon Barbecue Sauce. Since those humble beginnings, Hak's has grown to a national brand offering barbecue sauces, cooking sauces, and salad dressings sold in over 12,000 retail stores around the US. More products are on the way…including a foodservice offering.

A dedicated family man and active lifestyle enthusiast, Sharone puts as much love into his food as he does into his zest for life. His celebrity clientele and success have not steered him away from who he is: A man who creates love and passion through his food.

Watching Sharone work his talent behind the fire is a lesson on how to celebrate and enjoy life’s greatest indulgences. Eat Up!