Unprecedented Times Call for Precedented Measures

Unprecedented Times Call for Precedented Measures

May 27, 2020

We, as a people, are experiencing something that we never have before. A global pandemic that is creating fear, confusion, isolation, apprehension and sadness. We are all getting hit in different ways and it’s ok to feel all the ways that we are feeling... but since by nature I am a “fixer” I felt inclined to share how I have been coping in hopes that someone else can benefit.

I know that for some people, who have become ill or lost family or friends, these times are particularly terrifying coupled with financial strains and fears. Just “stay home” isn’t as easy for some as it is for others. And I by no means have dealt perfectly with everything that has come up for me and my company during these past few months, but there have been little things that have helped and the funny thing is, they are all tools we already possess. We KNOW how to cope with hard times because we are human beings and we are capable and incredible. We have been through so much and we will get through this too. I hope that by sharing a few things I do and showing that you already have these coping tools, perhaps I can spread a tiny bit of positivity.

  1. Owning a business is a game of pivots and changes. Every time I think I’m on the right track, a wrench gets thrown into the mix and all of my careful planning has gone out the window. I am no rookie to this kind of action because it happens ALL THE TIME. So when Covid hit, I fell right into my business strategy. Pivot, change, adapt and ride the wave. Sure, sometimes it’s easier said than done but eventually you understand that it’s the only way to survive. You have to succumb and let go of the plans you held so closely and make changes. This motto can be applied to anything in your life. We all had plans, we all had goals, we all had schedules and now we have to surrender to change. Adaptation: already in your tool belt. 
  2. Meditate. Yes I know some of you are rolling your eyes and saying “never” and others are saying “duh.. I do that every day.” I wish meditation wasn’t split into two such polar camps but it tends to be. I am a big believer in meditation but I also know it’s not easy and it’s not even pleasant for some people. However, what I can say is that IT HELPS. And all you really need is yourself, your breath, and a place to sit. There are also so many apps available these days or youtube channels etc etc. where you can plug yourself in for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10, 30 etc. Whatever floats your boat. But even those few minutes of mindfulness you take for yourself to breathe and clear your mind can be revolutionary for your day. Try it. Commit to a few minutes a day and see how you feel. Mindfulness: already in your tool belt.
  3. Ride the highs and embrace the lows. Quarantine has for many, felt like a few days of happiness and productivity followed by a few days where you crash and sadness, anger and loneliness kicks in. I have discovered that fighting either of these feelings does not work. Instead, accept without judgement! When you’re feeling great, take advantage! Go for a run, answer all of your unread emails, Zoom with your friends, have a drink! And when you’re feeling down, just let yourself be a mess. Even if it’s for a little bit. Don’t answer every facetime, reply to only your most pressing emails, take a nap, eat the banana bread. Fighting to do the opposite of where you mind and body are can only work after you’ve allowed yourself to be where you are and sit in it. Acceptance: already in your tool belt. 
  4. Make the best of it and find the silver lining. This has really been my driving force: focusing on the silver lining. More time with my kids, making dinner every night for my family, bike rides in the neighborhood, house projects on the weekends, giving attention to work issues that were put on the backburner, less air pollution, life just slowing down. This does NOT take away from all of the horrible aspects of what is going on in the world, but focusing on the negative never helps. Try and find even the tiniest silver lining every day and say thank you. Gratitude: already in your tool belt. 

I will continue to adapt and pivot to make sure that we are providing our customers with healthy and delicious food options in a convenient and mindful way now more than ever. We’re definitely not perfect in the way we deal with hardship, but we have everything we need within us to survive and thrive. Stay safe! 

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