Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Tater Tots

Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Tater Tots

Feb 15, 2023

Prep Time: 10 min.
Cook Time: 8 min.


  • Tater Tots
  • Bacon
  • Cheddar Cheese, (or cheese of choice)
  • Chives, chopped


  1. Begin by slicing your cheese into small squares, these will go on top of the tater tot.
  2. Grab your tater tot, place your cheese on top, then place on one end of the bacon strip, slowly rolling until the bacon is wrapped around the tater tot
  3. Repeat step two until all tater tots are bacon wrapped
  4. Place in air fryer and cook at 400 degrees for 8 minutes, once finished cooking remove and place on serving tray and top with chives
  5. Dip in your favorite dressing, we recommend our Chef Hak's Buttermilk Ranch dressing, and enjoy!

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