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One Pot Meals: Tried and True or Just a Trend?

The world of Instant Pots, Crock Pots, Dutch Ovens and One Pot meals has undoubtedly blown up over the last few years. The thought of throwing all of your ingredients into one vessel and walking away is not only appealing to the lazy home cook, it’s exciting to the most talented of chefs! With very little effort, you come back to a fully cooked meal packed with flavor. It almost feels too good to be true. Will the one pot meal trend burn out the same way it popped onto the scene? Nope. One pot meals are not going anywhere. Not only has one pot cooking been around for thousands of years, innovation and improvements in the industry show signs that it’s here to stay. 

Saving time and resources has always been important to humanity. One pot cooking has roots in Europe, Japan, India, Kenya, China, Israel and more! People from all corners of the globe have relied on just one pot and several ingredients to make delicious meals. 

So what’s next in the world of one pot meals? In one word: Tech!

Advancements in tech are taking over the world of cooking and that means meals will be more customized, more automated and more health-conscious than ever. Robotic Chefs, for example, will be able to prepare any one pot meal you can dream up. A cook will select any number of predetermined recipes, feed the ingredients into the machine and customize spice quantities and consistencies to their liking. The companies behind these innovations say their goal is not to eliminate home-cooking but rather to encourage it by making one pot meals even simpler and easier.   

How about 3D food Printing? That’s right… food printing! There are several businesses already using this technology. Place your ingredient packets into the machine, set design specifications and voilà, your creation is “printed” based on your preferences! The companies behind this innovation say that as people’s dietary restrictions increase, the main benefits to food printing is the personalization customers have to their very specific needs. Other food printing innovation allows users to print practically any food they want using fresh ingredients, provided that the meal materials can be puréed. Ingredients are loaded in, purèed, and recreated into essentially any meal. These machines are marketed as a way to get kids to eat healthy food in fun shapes. 

Whether you like the direction in which one pot meals are headed or not, the main point is… this cooking “trend” has never been a trend and never will be. It is here to stay. However you slice and dice it, throwing ingredients into one vessel, pressing a button, walking away and coming back to a prepared meal will always be exciting. And at the very least, there are less dirty dishes to deal with... which we can all agree, is never a bad thing. 

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